Pennellificio Zenit SRL


All our product lines are handmade with craftsman’s care in our Cicognara factory. Creating products by hand requires high precision throughout the entire process. Only in this way can we guarantee the continuously high quality standards that have always been a feature of our brand. Halle 2 / D284

Standards, Produkte, Dienstleistungen

  • P Farbroller und Farbrollerzubehör
  • P Pinsel und Bürsten
  • P Schleifmittel
  • P Spachtelwerkzeuge
  • P Tapezierwerkzeuge
  • P EFZ als Maler

Über uns


Zenit is the result of the endeavours of three generaion of workers.

Back in hte early 60's,Mr.Galli Ermanno and his wife Bertilla began to market brooms and brushes in a little garage in Cicognara.

Their offspring and son-in-law joined the company in the middle of the 70's and Zenit began to manufactured all the brushes internally to meet the continuing demands for the quality.

During the last decade,the new generation of grandchildren and ambitious young employees has brought innovation to all spheres of the enterprise.

Even now,in third millenium,the manufacturing technology in our particular field leadsto compromises we have always refused to accept.

Our craftsman's tradition is the same today,as in the past and our famous handmade panit brushes are appreciated in Italy and abroad.

It is with the same philosophy that we have choosen the articles which,over the years,have added to our comprehensive Catalogue.